frequently asked questions

why organic?

Organic cotton is grown using methods that lessen the impact on the environment--grown without the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers and using far less water. It's also believed to be softer and easier on the skin--especially tender new skin.

how do I take care of organic fabric?

Wash organic fabric goods in cold water on a gentle cycle and with like colors. When possible, use a chlorine/phosphate free laundry soap. Tumble dry low, or better yet, hang dry.

do you do custom orders?

We love custom orders! If you would like one of our products in another of our fabrics, please contact us for a custom listing. We also do a lot of custom orders with Liberty of London fabrics combined with our organic fabrics. Contact us for availability.

can I iron my crown?

In the course of transit to you, the crown my crease. Use a cotton setting iron to remove any creases or wrinkles.

why does organic cotton wrinkle?

Fabrics made from natural cellulose – cotton, hemp, linen (flax) – are the most prone to wrinkle. Wrinkling in natural fabrics is caused by moisture and heat (think washing and drying), so we recommend washing in cold on a gentle cycle, then hang dry or low heat. Moisture and heat also tame wrinkles, so use a cotton setting iron on your organic cotton products.